WCS Module

SMx - Security Management

SMx is a standard feature for all WCS verions. Security Management controls users access and permissions for the package. 

Features in the WCS SMx module include:

User Profiles

Each user has a profile that contains their contact information, operational defaults, permissions and roles.

Role-Based Security

Individual users can inherit permissions from roles created to reflect the types of permissions required for a person’s job. For example, the role of Supervisor could be created for all users that are supervisors. Individual users can then be assigned that role, and they will inherit the permissions included in the role. Separate roles are available for workflows and assigned work (Mover Groups).


Individual users can be granted or denied access to individual warehouses data. A user cannot view data or execute transactions in a warehouse if they have not been granted permission to it.

Mover Groups

Mover Group roles allow different workflows to be assigned to different types of operators. Roles can be skill-based, giving supervisors the ability to assign work based on capability and certification.
Some examples of Mover Group roles include Sales Order Pickers, Production Order Pickers, PO Receivers, and Inventory Counters.

Security Logging

SMx includes logging for user activity. Logging in, logging out, changes to user profiles, and user activity are all logged.