Chord Connect SAAS Integration Solution

Cloud computing has changed how the world views IT systems and services.  For some customers, Software As A Service is the best approach for deploying powerful systems without incurring the maintenance and administration costs that a self-hosted solution might require.  But as corporations adopt multiple cloud-based services, sharing data between those different services creates a new set of challenges.  How can these remote services communicate with each other?  How can the data be translated so that each system can understand and process data from the other?  How can this integration follow the cloud paradigm to provide the benefits of remote administration and minimal on-site IT infrastructure?


To address this need, Chord has developed the ChordConnect™ service.  ChordConnect provides hosted integration services to integrate disparate cloud platforms.  Chord provides the cloud platform and integration expertise to facilitate data exchange between systems.  The solution can be hosted and maintained by Chord Data Services, or can be self-hosted for those customers utilizing private clouds.